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Dinosaur Beach Stereograph Model Airplanes Retief meets Lafayette O'Leary
Keith Laumer and The U.S.-Iraq War! The Mystery of "Night Of Delusions" Sabrina Laumer, Artist
Retief at the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games

Stereographs (the illusion of 3D!)

All of the Dinosaur Beach covers (stare into the picture to find the hidden 3D image)
Similar stereograph at 300dpi (printable)

Dinosaur Beach Stereograph

Keith Laumer and The U.S.-Iraq War!

Would you believe there is a link between Keith Laumer's work and the U.S.-Iraq War of 2003?
Amazing but true!  Following the US-lead invasion of Baghdad, the original artwork (by Rowena Morrill) for the cover of The World Shuffler (Ace, 1981) was discovered hanging the "presidential palace" of Uday Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein's infamous sons.  Soon after this fact appeared, Rowen asked for the artwork back.  I don't know if she got it back or not.  Actually, I'm not even sure if it's the original painting.
Thanks to Stephen M. of Toronto for pointing this out.

Original Cover Artwork for "The World Shuffler" found in Baghdad

Model Airplanes

Keith Laumer enjoyed model airplanes and even wrote a book about them.  Below are his drawings for a "Yard Bird" plane.


Other Model Airplane References

The Mystery of "Night Of Delusions"

"Night of Delusions" was first published by Putnam in 1972.  The publication was after Laumer's stroke although the book was written prior to this event.  It has a really cool (and creepy) cover art by Richard M. Powers.  About a year later, Berkley Medallion published the first paperback edition........ except something went horribly wrong!!!  Readers opened up the cover to find another book.... not even science fiction!  Berkley printed up another "corrected" edition with the some Powers cover and, later, with a completely different cover.

The confusion over this misprinting led Baen to re-title the book "Knight of Delusions" when it reprinted the book in 1982.

Mystery Solved
From an book listing by The Other Change of Hobbit (a San Fransisco SF book store): "One of the great mis-publication stories of the 1970s, now almost completely forgotten. This set {includes} the 1974 paperbacks with the titles NIGHT OF DELUSIONS and THE MAN IN QUESTION, nominally by John Godey (author of THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123). Somewhere in the production process of the paperbacks, the manuscripts got switched. Thus, the book with the cover and title page for NIGHT OF DELUSIONS has the text of the Godey novel, and the book with the cover, title page and running heads for THE MAN IN QUESTION is actually the Laumer. {...} I'm told that when these came out, most of the readers of the Laumer cover returned the book in disgust, whereas very few of the readers of the Godey cover did so. An almost-forgotten bit of publishing history."

Thanks to M. Walsh for pointing this out.


Don't judge a book by it's cover!

First sentence of Chapter One of the real "Night of Delusions"

I didn't hear anything; no hushed breathing; no stealthy slide of a shoe against the carpet.

First sentence of Chapter One of the faux "Night of Delusions"

Now, at last, there was no immediate need for haste.

Retief meets Lafayette O'Leary

o  Jame Retief, galactic diplomat of the 27th Century
o  Lafayette O'Leary, adventurer traveling to feudal/magical alternate Earths

Two of Laumer's characters from two completely different worlds.  Only the excitement of a super-fan could bring these two heroes together.  This remembrance from C. Raum.

Believe it or not, I wrote Keith a fan letter around 1983 and we ended up becoming pen pals.  I still have the six or so letters he wrote me. His hand writing is *very* hard to read.

At one point I asked if he'd ever write a story that brought my two favourites of his work together for an adventure; Jame Retief and Lafayette O'Leary.  He wrote back that they were successful on their own, but wouldn't do well together.  But just for me, he wrote, he'd write a little story where they meet and start off on an adventure.  It was about a page long.  Then a year later he wrote "Remember that little prologue I wrote you? Could you send it back? I might want to do something with it."  But alas, he never did.

Sabrina Laumer, Artist

Sabrina Laumer (Keith's daughter) is an artist with a website at
Painting by Sabrina Laumer Sabrina Laumer's signature

Retief at the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games

Lize-Mari Retief wins Silver, Nov. 2007

Well, not Jame Retief but Lize Retief.

Retief is a South African Surname (see the webpage on Retief for details).
Lize Retief is a South African swimmer who participated in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Bejing China. Her best effort was in the Women's 100m Butterfly where she placed 12th in the Semi-Finals with a time of 58.63 seconds.

Lize-Mari Retief, 21 years old, 5' 7", 130 lbs.