BOLO Fighting Machines

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Last Revised: 07/12/2007


Bolos are basically an automated tank: a tank controlled by a computer.  A variation appears in the novel "A Plague of Demons" wherein the tank is controlled by a brain.

Occasionally, Bolos pop up in other Laumer stories:

Order of Publication (all are short stories except for "Rogue Bolo")

  1. Combat Unit, November 1960 (Laumer's 3rd published SF short story)
  2. Courier, (a.k.a. The Frozen Planet), September 1961 (a Retief story with a Bolo in it)
  3. The Night of the Trolls, October 1963
  4. The Last Command, January 1967
  5. A Relic of War, October 1969
  6. Field Test, March 1976
  7. Rogue Bolo, 1986 (a novel)

All may be found in the book "The Compleat Bolo" published in 1990 by Baen (TOR).

Life After Death

Since Laumer's death, others have taken up the Bolo helm and written stories: