KEITH LAUMER: Visual Bibliography
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Year Title Hard Cover Ed. Paperback Ed.
1960 How to Design and Build Flying Models (non-fiction) Harper & Bros. (1960)  
1965 Embassy (fiction)   Pyramid (1965)
1968 The Afrit Affair (Avengers #5, novelization)   Berkley (1968)
1968 The Drowned Queen (Avengers #6, novelization)   Berkley (1968)
1968 The Gold Bomb (Avengers #7, novelization)   Berkley (1968)
1970 How to Design and Build Flying Models: Revised Harper & Row (1970)
Hale (1975-UK)
1971 DeadFall (a mystery) Crime Club (1971)
Dobson (1971-UK)
Punch (197?-FR)
1975 Fat Chance (this is Deadfall re-issued after it was made into a film)   Pocket (1975)
New English Library (1975-UK)