KEITH LAUMER: Visual Bibliography
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SF NOVELS   (Lafayette O'Leary Series)  (Worlds of the Imperium series)  (Acknowledgements)
Year Title Hard Cover Ed. Paperback Ed.
1962 Worlds of the Imperium Dobson (1967-UK) Ace Double (1962)
Ace (1962)
Mayflower (1970-UK)
Ace (1973)
Berkley (1977)
Tor (1982)
Tor (198x)
{Tor edition includes two additional stories:
"The War Against Yukks" and "Worldmaster"}
1962 A Trace of Memory Mayflower (1968-UK) Berkley (1963)
Warner (1972)
Tor (1984)
1964 A Plague of Demons Simon & Schuster (1964) 
Millington (1975-UK)
Berkley (1965)
Penguin Books (1967)
Warner Paperback Lib. (1971)  & (197x)
Coronet (1977-UK)
Pocket (1979)
Baen (1985)
1964 The Great Time Machine Hoax (footnote) Simon & Schuster (1964) Award Books (1964)
Pocket (1965)
Ace (1978)
Ace (1984)
1965 The Other Side of Time Walker (1965)
Dobson (1968-UK)
Berkley (1965)
Signet (1972)
1966 The Monitors Dobson (1968-UK) Berkley (1966)
Mayflower (1971-UK)
Tor (1984)
Hayakawa (1997-Jap)
1966 Catastrophe Planet Dobson (1970-UK) Berkley (1966)
Tor (1981) (titled "The Breaking Earth")
1966 Earthblood (w Rosel George Brown) Doubleday (1966) Dell (1966)
Berkley (1968)
Coronet (1979-UK)
Dell (1980)
Bluejay (1984)
Baen (1987)
1966 The Time Bender Dobson (1975-UK) Berkley (1966)
1967 Galactic Odyssey Dobson (1968-UK) Berkley (1967)
Mayflower (1968-UK)
Tor (1983)
1967 The Invaders #1 Corgi (1968-UK) {under the
pen name Anthony LeBaron}
Pyramid (1967)
1967 The Invaders #2: Enemies From Beyond   Pyramid (1967)
1967 Planet Run (with Gordon R. Dickson) Doubleday (1967) Berkley (1967)
Tor (1982)
{Tor edition includes two additional stories:
"Once There Was A Giant" by Keith Laumer
"Call Him Lord" by Gordon R. Dickson}
1968 Assignment in Nowhere Dobson (1972-UK) Berkley (1968)
1969 The Long Twilight Putnam (1969)
Hale (1976-UK)
Berkley (1970)
Berkley (1970) (2nd printing)
Berkley (1982)
Ace (1986)
1969 The Seeds of Gonyl   Serialized in IF magazine but never publish as a book
1970 The House in November Putnam (1970)
Sidgwick (1973-UK)
Berkley (1971)
Tor (1981) (includes novel "The Other Sky")
Tor (19??) (includes novel "The Other Sky")
1970 The Star Treasure Putnam (1971)
Sidgwick (1974-UK)
Berkley (1971)
Baen (1986)
{Baen edition includes three additional stories:
"A Relic of War", Test to Destruction:, and "In the Queue"}
1970 Time Trap Putnam (1970)
Hale (1970)
Berkley (1970)
Baen (1987)
1970 The World Shuffler Putnam (1970)
Sidgwick (1973-UK)
Berkley (1970)
Coronet (1978-UK)
Ace (1981)
1971 Dinosaur Beach Scribners (1971)
Hale (1971)
Daw (1971)
Daw (1975)
Daw (1977)
Baen (1986)
1972 The Infinite Cage Putnam (1972)
Dobson (1976-UK)
Le Masque (1978-FR)
Berkley (1972)
Tor (1983)
1972 The Shape Changer Putnam (1972) Berkley (1973)
Ace (1981) 
1973 The Glory Game Doubleday (1973)
Hale (1973-UK)
Popular Lib (1973)
Pocket (1980)
1972 Night of Delusions Putnam (1972)
Dobson (1977-UK)
Berkley (1974) (footnote)
Berkley (197x)
Tor (1982) (entitled "Knight of Delusions")
1978 The Ultimax Man St. Martins (1978)
Sedgwick (1979-UK)
Le Masque (1978-FR)
Berkley (1982)
Baen (1987)
1981 Star Colony St. Martins (1981)  Ace (1983)
1984 The Galaxy Builder   Ace (1984)
1985 End as a Hero   Ace (1985)
1981 Beyond the Imperium   Tor (1981) {contains two complete novels:
Assignment in Nowhere & The Other Side of Time}
Tor (1986)
1986 Rogue Bolo
contains two other items:
           Final Mission
           A Short History of the Bolo Fighting Machines (essay)
1981 The Breaking Earth (retitling of "Catastrophe Planet")   Tor (1981)
1990 The Stars Must Wait   Baen (1990)
1990 Zone Yellow   Baen (1990)
1991 Judson's Eden   Baen (1991) 
1992 Back to the Time Trap   Baen (1992)


Footnote 1 - Night Of Delusions
The 1st edition Berkley paperbacks (with the brownish cover art by Richard Powers) are not actually Night Of Delusions. During the proofing process, the manuscript for Night Of Delusions was mistakenly switched with that of The Man In Question, a thriller by John Godey. Thus, the Laumer book received the Godey cover and visa-versa. A second printing by Berkley (with a blueish cover) is the true Night Of Delusions.
Thanks to Rich M. for pointing this out and to Eric of Weird Books for noting which edition was in error.

To avoid any confusion with this mis-printed edition, the Tor edition was titled Knight of Delusions;. - Eric F.

Footnote (The Great Time Machine Hoax)
This novel was originally serialized in Fantastic Stories, June, July, and August 1963 (Vol. 12 #s6-8) under the title A Hoax In Time.  A reviewer comments "The book version is longer, containing at least one major sequence not found in the serial and also a different order for the sequences found in both. The framing story is also somewhat different." - Steven S.
Thanks to Steven S. for pointing this out


Lafayette O'Leary Series
The Time Bender
The World Shuffler
The Shape Changer
The Galaxy Builder

Worlds of the Imperium Series
Worlds of the Imperium
The Other Side of Time
Assignment in Nowhere
Zone Yellow

The front covers used in this visual bibliography were scanned in from my personal collection or culled from the internet or contributed by others from requests. 
For the latter, I wish to thank.....