Flapping Wings Design

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Flapping Wings DesignI thought up this design myself in the mid-1980s!

The design incorporates flapping wings.

When the head is down, the string attached to the wings is loose and the wings fall down to the side of the chicken body.

As the head is pulled up by it's string, the wing-string tenses and pulls up on the wings.

Depending on where the tail string is attached to the tail section, the tail rises more or less.

As with the "bobbing tail" design, the pull string for the wings can be
o   Looped around the pull string for the head section (bobbing tail design #1)
o   Attached directly to the weight (bobbing tail design #2)

Hinge closeupHere is a closeup of wing hinge of a working chicken.  In this case, the hinges were purchased at a fabric store.  I can imagine making them out of small safety pins or loops of heavy thread.