Bobbing Tail Design

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Design #1

Bobbing Tail Design #1This design incorporates a bobbing tail, too.

When the head is down, the string holding up the tail section is loose and the tail falls down to the platform.

As the head is pulled up by it's string, the tail-string tenses and pulls the tail section up.

Depending on where the tail string is attached to the tail section, the tail rises more or less.

Design #2

Bobbing Tail Design #2Similar design except the tail string is attached to the same weight that pulls the head string rather than having the rotation of the head section pull on the tail string.

As you can see, the main difference between the 2 designs is the attachment of the pull string.  In design #1, the pull string is looped around the attachment point for the head's pull string.  Thus, the moving head pulls the tail up and down; see Figure 1.  In this fashion, the tail's pull string is "hidden" from view and adds a mysterious, magical quality to the toy.Bobbing Tail Design, loop attachment